Solutions we provide

 Too much heat or glare from the sun?

At Tintec, we have a solution for your windows, no matter what the problem. Whether you have trouble regulating temperatures, or your goods are fading in your home or store, we can help you choose the ideal film.

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Safety, security and protection

Concerns in this area arise wherever glass is used in windows and doors or as the main material of the walls themselves.

Anti-shatter films from Tintec bonded to the surface can hold glass fragments firmly in place to reduce the risk of personal injury and damage to property. Also, the very difficult and time consuming job of gathering up large glass shards as well as all those dangerous little hard-to-see splinters is considerably reduced when anti-shatter film has been installed.

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Too much visibility and not enough privacy?

Need a little (or maybe a lot) of privacy? Want people to notice your glass?

Our selection of films for privacy is very comprehensive: ranging from a slight translucent haze right up to complete blackout and from total glass coverage to a patterned finish. These products come not only in standard sandblast effect to restrict vision but also in a whole host of solid or translucent colours.

We also have ways to achieve privacy from the world outside while still retaining your own vision out. It depends on your particular situation and on the light levels at either side of the glass but quite often it is possible to achieve this one-way effect.

Manifestations on glass walling for decoration, safety or privacy can be made and installed in virtually any style or design.

Reducing HEAT LOSS through your windows

Too hot in summer but can’t keep heat inside during winter?

So if you find yourself pulling your desk or couch away from the windows to avoid the extremes of both seasons you need to look at the next generation in window films, Low Emissivity, which allow less of your expensive heat to escape during the cold weather while in summer reducing unwanted heat from the sun so that temperatures inside are more comfortable.

Follow the link to check out Solar Gard dual-action Ecolux 70.