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Get in touch with Tintec Ltd today for more information on any of our Products.


Tintec Ltd only sources products from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry ensuring our clients are supplied with the very best. We’re available to advise customers on the right window film for their project.


At Tintec we’ve been installing solar films for over 30 years. Solar Control Film is a very efficient and cost-effective way to reduce unwanted heat from the sun.

This is a specialized film which bonds directly onto the glass to control the amount of solar energy coming in and to keep room temperatures down. Professionally installed window film also gives you a clear and distortion-free view through the glass. Solar films are available in a range of performance levels to provide just the degree of shading you need.

Installation is carried out with minimal disruption and in most cases, the client's work can continue as usual. And, solar film requires very little maintenance other than normal window cleaning.

The nature of the job and type of glass will determine whether an exterior or interior application is required


While glass provides us with light and creates a sense of spaciousness it is at the same time one of the more vulnerable areas of any building. Clear Safety manufactured by Saint-Gobain Solar Gard and installed by Tintec Ltd can be a strong and very effective defence against the worst effects of flying broken glass shards.

Saint–Gobain Solar Gard Armorcoat Clear safety films are optically clear, colourless, non-reflective and invisible on your windows. You will not notice a change on the glass, there is no mirror effect and nothing to indicate there is anything on it. Your windows will look perfectly clear and allow all-natural light in.

Saint-Gobain Solar Gard Armorcoat Solar Control Safety Films are tinted,these films have a metalized layer of polyester with incorporated exotic metals for an effective solar controlling performance. They offer privacy and can help to regulate temperatures. Also, they reduce glare, meaning less strain on the eyes and can also help lessen the fading of goods in the sun.

Solar Gard films keep out 99% of UV light which can also have positive health benefits.


This clear UV Filter Film provides one of the highest levels of protection from UV radiation available, reducing 99.8% of UVA and UVB rays, virtually without altering the clarity of the glass. Suitable for residential, commercial, museum, and retail applications, UV Filter Film slows fading and deterioration of artwork, fabric, merchandise, upholstery and wood, and provides excellent protection from UV damage to skin and eyes.



We offer commercial glass tinting suitable for almost all industries. Our window tints can be installed on almost all standard glass windows, doors, and structural glass.

To order, simply get in touch via 01 4971631, email

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