The Advantages of Glass insulation

Have you been wondering which glass would suit your home best? At Tintec, we highly recommend Insulated Glass. We are here to inform you about the three significant advantages of Glass Insulation for your home.

Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass is used to prevent heat transfer from one room to the other. Glass Insulation is created using multiple glass panes separated by spacers. These spacers, made of metal or structural foam, make the entire glass piece denser. It is one of the best ways to prevent heat loss from your domestic or commercial property.


Glass Insulation Conserves Energy

The first advantage of Glass Insulation is that it is a great way to conserve energy. Insulated glass reduces the heat that moves in and out of a room. Glass insulation conserves energy as you do not need as much heating in your home. Glass Insulation keeps the warm air in the room in the winter months and pushes it out in the summer.
As we are living in Ireland, this is an excellent factor as the weather can alternate between very cold and uncomfortably warm. At Tintec, our High-Quality Glass Insulation can be purchased for commercial and domestic properties.


Glass Insulation provides Sound Insulation

Whether you work from home, the office or are a work from home mum, we all know that excess noise from outside your property can distract your focus from what you are trying to do!
Glass Insulation also provides you with Sound Insulation. The insulated glass is created using two panels, which stops the spread of sound through your commercial or domestic property. This is a tremendous advantage of Glass Insulation. It prevents busy streets or traffic from affecting your work.


Glass insulation is Economical

As Glass Insulation can conserve energy, this also provides another advantage. The consumption of heat also makes Glass Insulation Economical.
Glass Insulation prevents you from using as much heating and air conditioning making it more economical for your commercial and domestic properties. This results in you spending less on bills.

If this blog has you wishing for Glass Insulation in your home, contact our team at Tintec today. We are happy to help you with any questions or queries you may have!


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